Carbon Injection

Carbon Injection

We offer carbon injection services to remediate petroleum hydrocarbon impacted sites.

The CleanInject remediation system was designed to safely, efficiently, and accurately transfer, mix, and inject CBI (Carbon Based Injectates) or PAC (Powdered Activated Carbon) with water into the subsurface to remediate soil and groundwater impacted with petroleum hydrocarbons.

Geologic Restoration will review site assessment data and prepare a proposal for CBI injection if the site appears suitable for the technology.  We typically request that the consultant send us recent site data including : analytical data for soil and groundwater in the impacted area, field parameters (pH, specific conductivity, dissolved oxygen, oxidation-reduction potential, temperature, turbidity, etc), boring logs, well logs, geologic cross-sections, natural attenuation parameter data, water level data, isopleth maps for constituents of concern, groundwater contour maps, hydraulic conductivity data, pump test data, comprehensive site assessment reports, remedial action plans and correction action plans.  We will review the data and if the site appears suitable, we will prepare a CBI injection proposal.  Our proposal will include:  project information, proposed scope of services, fee estimate, schedule, authorization information, assumptions and terms and conditions. 

In the preparation of our proposal, we intentionally omit items we feel can be performed or supplied by our customer.  We are obviously capable of performing the whole project and supplying all of the equipment, but we try to leave as much of the project fees for consultant customers as we can.