• GR-30-325 Reactivated
  • GR-30-325 Reactivated

Reactivated Carbon Fines


Our GR-30-325-R reactivated carbon fines is mixture of coconut shell and bituminous coal reactivated carbon and has a range of grain size that passes the #30 sieve and mostly retained on the #325 sieve.  The particle size typically ranges between 595 microns and 44 microns and the Iodine number approaches 900.  This mixture was not designed to be used for injectate but as a backfill material for trenches and UST excavations.  It has also been successfully used as a backfill material in interceptor trenches to halt migration of petroleum hydrocarbons in impacted soil and groundwater. 

This value priced product is frequently used on sites where extensive excavation of impacted soils has occurred due to presence of low permeability materials that do respond well to conventional Sparge\Vent, Dual Phase Extraction or Pump and Treat remediation technologies.  It is typically found as a barrier between the impacted material that is left in-place and the clean backfill that is used to replace the impacted material removed.