Former Arnold Stewart

St. George, South Carolina
Former Arnold Stewart

Former Arnold Stewart

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GR-320-IRC-R™ carbon based Injectate (CBI) was injected using CleanInject® technology as a pilot test study at the Former Arnold Stewart site. The pilot test exceeded all expectations, with a 99.05% mass reduction of contaminants of concern (CoCs) in the pilot test area.


This site was formerly a gas station that maintained 3,000 gallons of gasoline, 560 gallons of waste oil, and 560 gallons of kerosene which were all housed in underground storage tanks (UST’s). These tanks were removed in 2002. Shortly after, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) reported two releases of petroleum product. During the years of 2010-2011, Midland Environmental Consultants, Inc. (MECI) conducted assessments, collected samples, and installed monitoring wells in order to identify an appropriate remediation method. The SCDHEC created Site Specific Target Levels (SSTL’s) for the area prior to rehabilitative action.


In August of 2012, MECI pilot tested the CleanInject® Technology, which included the injection of 12,000 pounds of GR-320-IRC-R Powdered Activated Carbon into several impacted areas. Groundwater samples were collected from the monitoring wells on multiple occasions and analyzed by a certified environmental lab.


Free product (reportedly not present) surfaced from several injection points along with CBI in the former fuel island area and in the area of MW-1. The pilot test design did not factor in treating free product. Groundwater testing performed on May 28, 2014, indicated a 99.05% reduction in the mass CoC at the site (Table 1). MECI’s remedial pilot test has shown that injection of GR-320-IRC-R has allowed for significant progress toward meeting the SSTL goals set by the state.

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